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Our Staff at Faith

Rev. Julia Williamson


I am an East Coaster who never thought I'd live farther west than maybe western New York! And now after growing up in a suburb of New York CIty and attending college and divinity school in New England, I find myself enjoying the Dayton area. In college I pictured myself working in the mental health field but soon after I realized that this area of expertise, while very helpful, did not have all the answers to life's biggest challenges, including the human need to find meaning and purpose in life. I believe only God can meet this need and that we all have a God-shaped hole at our core. 

I believe God has called me to lead through conversation, sermonizing, teaching, celebrating the sacraments and reaching out 

through mission and service, as together at Faith Church we continue to wrestle with God's pull on our lives and God's desire that we know a deep love and acceptance and share that with others. Won't you join us at Faith Church as together we strive to love one another and challenge each other to be the hands and feet of Christ? We aren't perfect by any means, but we try our best in this complex, hurting world of 2022.

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John Derrickson

Music Director

Lynn Swingle


Carol Weaver


Kelley Britt

Preschool Director

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