Faith in 2021

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Blankets by Faith -  We are still building  wonderful blankets for those in most need. We accept fabric, and sewing material donations. The blankets are no sew and quilting. There are projects for any level of sewing skill.  You will find a chair around the table, all are welcome.

We are Physical Distancing while Socially, and Spiritually 


You may also email us information on all events contact us at

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Presbyterian Women (Sep - May) 

Bible study is the glue that holds Presbyterian Women together. We had just  finished Into the Light: Finding Hope Through Prayers of Lament. We are starting back up in person  with What My Grandmothers Taught Me"

The first chapter of the Gospel of Matthew invites us into the family stories that helped shape Jesus and shape us too. The women in Jesus’ family tree have backstories that are exactly the kind of story you can imagine hearing while sitting spellbound as a grandmother reminisces about her early life. Matthew chose to mention a handful of women: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary. What can they teach us? Matthew has named these women for a reason. Their stories will lead us into the Gospel, the Good News about Jesus Christ. Having explored their stories together, we will have a richer idea about what the good news is. It's never too late to join us especially because we are in chapter one. Email for more.

PW/Horizons Bible studies are prepared quite literally by and for Presbyterian women. Our next meeting is March 11 at 1 PM with love for our sister's in Christ all are asked to wear either a mask or face shield. We are Physical Distancing while Socially, and Spiritually Connecting!

We appreciate all who have helped get through this difficult time by wearing masks, observing social distancing, and following all that has been asked of you. It is just one way we have supported each other through this difficult time. Thank you so much! We all look forward to when this is over and we pray it ends soon!

Thank you for pledges that have continued during this time.

We are working on how giving online will be done securely.

 At this time all donations may be sent to:

Faith Presbyterian Church Attn:  Financial Secretary

5555 Chambersburg Rd

Huber Heights, OH  45424

Please note if funds are going in part or full to any of the important ministries we support such as our local FISH food pantry, One Hour of Great Sharing, Pentecost Offering, Childfund, etc. For more information about ministries we support contact us at anyone can get involved in Faith!