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Your First Visit

Sundays at Faith Presbyterian Church are a setting of worship, enthusiastic fellowship, and care. We open our hearts to the Spirit of God through prayer, music, and proclamation of the Word following the historic Christian traditions in a  relaxed style.

All are welcome

Session is continuing to reevaluate our needs as we continue to adapt to the ever changing situation.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have endured this season together.

Please reach out to Pastor Julia or any session member with your questions and concerns. 

Cyndi Adams, Paul Brown, Keith Williams, Susie Tompkins, Don Niece (Clerk), and Pastor Julia


  • We still say our style is relaxed.                                                                       Dress up if you'd like to -- or don't!

  • We still have printed bulletins                                                                                    Our worship service is easy to follow.

  • Our building is still accessible                                                                                  Push button doors  & hearing assist headsets are available.​

  • All are still welcome! There is a place for everyone. 

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