Your First Visit

Every Sunday morning at Faith Presbyterian Church, worship takes place in a setting of enthusiastic fellowship, as we open our hearts to the Spirit of God through prayer, music, and proclamation of the Word. We follow the historic Christian traditions in a relaxed, informal style.

Our love for each other is clear in how we noisily circulate about the sanctuary during Passing of the Peace and by our extended time of sharing our Joys and Concerns.  Guests are enthusiastically greeted, and we attempt to engage them in a genuine, authentic way.

Our choir performs a variety of music styles to enrich our church service. We are blessed to have musically talented people, a gifted music director, and occasionally, guest musicians. Each service includes a children’s sermon.

Members often comment that their decision to join was made because of the feeling of openness and welcome received in their first visit.  We hope that you will feel the same way.

Grace and peace to you today!    

Given the quickly evolving Covid-19 pandemic, the session had made the decision to cancel worship services and all other church activities. The situation was then prayerfully reevaluated and it was decided we would return May 31st with a plan.

We are requiring everyone to wear  masks, practice social distancing and make ample use of the hand sanitizer available. No refreshments will be served and no nursery care available until further notice. Children are invited to remain in the sanctuary with their family.

We plan to celebrate the Lord's Supper on July 5th. You will be invited to come forward and take your individual (covered) bread and cup back to your seat where we will partake of them together.


The situation with Covid-19 is ever evolving. Please know that we are keeping up to date with the latest virus information and will modify our practices at church in response to state and local recommendations.

Thank you and please reach out to Pastor Julia or any session member with your questions and concerns.

Cyndi Adams, Paul Brown, Diane Grycz, Greg Hughes, Kyung-Hee Swihart, Mary Skare, Don Niece (Clerk), and Pastor Julia


  • We still say our style is relaxed.  Dress up if you'd like to -- or don't!

  • We still have printed bulletins to make our worship service easy to follow and so everyone is comfortable.(you can see what's next)

  • Our building is still fully accessible and hearing assist headsets are available.​

  • We are still at 5555 Chambersburg Road in Huber Heights, Ohio.  


Quote of the day

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing (1 Thessalonians 5:11.)

A note about our Tau Cross:

Many people wonder about the significance of the cross that hangs in the front of the sanctuary here at Faith.  It is called the Tau cross because of its resemblance to the Greek letter for T, which is called Tau.

Biblical historians believe this is the original form of the cross.  From the court of Pontius Pilate, Jesus carried the crosspiece to the hill called “Golgotha” where the upright section of the cross was already in place.  At that point, his hands were nailed to the crosspiece, which was hoisted up to the top of the upright and secured with large spikes.

A signboard reading “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews” was attached above Jesus’ head.  The Latin cross, the most familiar style of cross, was developed much later.  It incorporates a vertical board above the crosspiece to represent the signboard which was placed over Jesus’ head.

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5555 Chambersburg Road

Huber Heights, OH  45424